Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

WordPress.com and WordPress.org – these two products are often confused.
At first glance, this is one and the same thing, but in reality these are completely different products.

WordPress.com is a hosting platform or service that allows you to create your own website or blog. It does not need to be downloaded or installed, it only needs to have an account and start blogging, just like on Twitter or Facebook. WordPress.com is a commercial product, founded in 2005 and owned by Automattic.

Key features of WordPress.com:

  • It is free (but there are paid add-ons)
  • You don’t have to worry about things like updates, backups and security
  • Your site will always be available, regardless of the number of visitors.
  • Technical support is available to you (though they do not always respond quickly)
  • Having a website on WordPress.com, you become part of the community and have the opportunity to get additional traffic from
  • WordPress.com resources, search all the blogs on the network, as well as a number of other features
  • You have a choice of over 200 themes or templates (but you cannot upload your own templates)
  • You cannot edit php code on your site
  • There is no such thing as a “plugin” for WordPress.com (therefore, it is impossible to extend the functionality in a simple way)

Paid services are also provided on WordPress.com, such as linking or registering your own domain, and disabling advertising. Among the available templates on the site there are also “premium” themes, which are also paid.

You cannot transfer the site to your own hosting, or use extensions from third-party developers, implement complex projects, etc.

To summarize, this is a good blogging platform, which, in our opinion, is nevertheless NOT suitable for the company’s website due to serious restrictions (cannot transfer the site to your own hosting, or use extensions from third-party developers, implement complex projects, etc. – with WordPress.com you do not have full access to the site)

WordPress.org or just WordPress is a СMS ( content management system), born in 2003.

For  work, you need to upload it to the hosting platform, configure the connection to the database and set it*
*(It is worth noting that most good web hosting providers use auto installer of populars CMS – therefore, this will not be a problem in most cases, and will not require additional technical skills).

Key features of WordPress.org:

  • Requires more technical knowledge
  • You can edit any files, including php
  • You can use plugins and any themes
  • You administer your hosting account yourself
  • Must take care of backups, security, high loads and fault tolerance.
  • There is no additional functionality, as on WordPress.com, in the basic installation, but you can always find a suitable plug-in to solve this or that task – it is the plug-ins that provided WordPress with such popularity, you can implement almost any solution (store, galleries, booking system and etc. on your site using plug-ins from third party developerswordpress.org  is content management system, with the help of which you can create both a simple site, and website with special functionality (not only blog).
To summarize, this is a MORE PROFESSIONAL solution that can be used by the site of almost any company, but more difficult to administer (if there is no experience in wordpress).
How To Choose Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

It depends primarily on your tasks.

If you just need a blog, and you do not want to delve into the technical nuances or hire a specialist, you can use wordpress.com.

If you need a professional website for business (no matter which one – a dentistry site, an agency, a small store, etc.) wordpress.org is more suitable for you – but it will require more time and effort.

The article is subjective, and may contain assumptions and opinions of the author.
We recommend that you search for more information about this issue and make a decision based on your needs.