How to Display Excerpt in WordPress

How to Display Excerpt in WordPress

An excerpt is a part of a post that appears under the heading on the main page of your blog, in the archive and in the RSS list. This is an optional summary or description of the post.

WordPress by default generates a quote from the first 55 words, but you have the opportunity to independently choose the information that will be displayed under the name. This will attract more users who want to read the full post.

In our short tutorial we will show how to find and display Excerpt in WordPress (No Coding Required).

Let’s get started!

1). Open any post in edit mode.
2). Click “Screen Options” at the top right  and check the box next to “Excerpt”.
3). Scroll down the post editor window until you find the entry field below for your excerpt.
4). Add the text you want to use as an excerpt to the post and save your post.

Done! Now this text will be displayed instead of the default value.

How to display WordPress excerpts